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    It become a badge of honor that established the centurion's determination to the Roman Empire. As a image, it became crucial and served a selected feature, unifying and bonding the military. Even Julius Caesar pierced his nipples to expose his energy and his identity along with his guys. Genital piercing via the pinnacle of the penιѕ turned into completed on gladiators, who had been nearly continually slaves, for two motives. A ring through the pinnacle of the penιѕ can be used to tie the organ again to the testicles Viril Pump a period of leather-based. In gladiatorial combat, this averted extreme damage. With a large sufficient ring or bar, it additionally avoided the slave from having ѕeх without the proprietor's consent. Since the gladiator became "assets," a stud rate may be charged to any other slave proprietor for the exceptionally prized possibility to raise the following generation of top notch fighter.
    womeis, 3 мар 2019

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