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    invest all that time and energy and and it's women are heavily involved with this but there's also sort of men are the gatekeepers in a way or the the boys who are learning we call it a gift Sheila you see leaders means sitting that's where you're sitting and learning and typically a boy will get through high school and probably if he's mainstream Orthodox he'll be at alpha titan testo a at a Jewish school in all boys school and then he'll go into yeshiva for a few years often he'll be taking college classes at the same time I know some guys who were learning in yeshiva during the day and in law school or dental school at night that's totally normal and his rabbi has a good idea of this young man's values and his aptitude for learning his aptitude for career because his rabbi is his mentor and he asks his rabbi about well should I apply to this school or should I do this so his rabbis got a great idea of the aptitudes of this young man and where he's headed in life and so
    churmajra, 1 сен 2019

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