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    alpha testo boost x we need to be doing weight resistance training so that we can be revenge strong that's right keep your bones strong and prevent osteoporosis so I do all of those things Tom and I get up the first thing we do in the morning is we go for a 4 mile walk outside if it's here where we live in Northern California it doesn't snow in the winter we just get rain so if it's pouring rain if it's not too bad we'll put on our wet what are we going to say our water-resistant hiking gear raincoats and our raincoats and we'll take an umbrella and we'll walk in the rain if it's a gusty wind with it and we can't walk outside we will go to the mall and walk at the mall we also do a little bit of resistance training with hand weights that we have and so
    hwuvwhw, 26 окт 2019

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